The Short Story

We provide thin, durable, awesome looking reading glasses that are super portable, and you can attach the case anywhere so they are always close.

The Guarantee

We only want you to have something that you really like, I'd say love but these are reading glasses, so really like is okay.  If you don't really like them. Return them. Get a full refund.  It's that simple.

The Long Story

I came to accept some of things of getting older...ankles popping getting out of bed, complaining about the kids screen time, racking up more miles than a long haul trucker transporting everyone and everything to gyms, fields, and auditoriums around the surrounding counties, however, needing readers came as the biggest insult.  Ironically, it was trying to read a label for ibuprofen that first made me aware of my eyes failure to cooperate on focusing.  And then later, out to dinner with my mom, we both pulled out our phones to use the flashlight app so we could read the menu.  It was exactly then that I know I needed something better to deal with this new reality.

At first, I would buy readers at the big box store, in the 3 packs and throw them everywhere, around the house, in the car...literally everywhere but like the tides they would either be everywhere or nowhere and I'd still be stuck navigating small print, squinting, contorting and eventually asking someone else to read something for me.

The hunt was on, I needed something portable and I tried a variety of glasses, some were good to really good, some were still too bulky, some almost always broke within months of use, but then like baby bear, I found something that was just right, and I started making them available to friends when they would ask where I got them...and now I make them available to you, the OptiGrab 2.0.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy them.